• Beau Jackson's Tide Pool Studies

    Beau Jackson's Tide Pool Studies

    Beau Jackson captures the Monterey Peninsula’s tide pools in vivid watercolor paintings, sold as cards at The Quill. His work stems from a deep appreciation for the peninsula’s beaches, which Jackson considers his “happy place.”

    “If I'm feeling overwhelmed or stressed, or just need some time to disconnect and relax, I go to the tide pools,” Jackson said. “It's kind of like a meditation practice for me.”

    During these meditative trips, Jackson combs through rocky shores and explores hidden alcoves. He knows these beaches well, frequently returning to specific spots to visit his favorite sea anemones and abalones. He takes pictures along the way, which he later uses as references for his work.

    “I like to highlight those tide pool creatures in the cards that I make for The Quill,” Jackson said. “It’s a way to take a little piece of the tide pool home with me and share it with other people.”

    Jackson’s beach going tendencies began as a child in Kodiak Island, Alaska. He spent his days exploring nature in his free time. Even at school, his mind was often elsewhere: he would doodle dolphins and whales on his assignments, much to the dismay of his teachers. 

    After high school, Jackson earned a BFA in studio art, then married his wife – a labor and delivery nurse. Because of her career as a travel nurse, they spent the first part of their marriage roaming around the country. When they discovered Monterey, they instantly fell in love; they settled down permanently just two weeks after visiting for the first time.

    As much as he loves painting, Jackson puts his role as a father before anything else. As a stay-at-home dad, he spends his days adventuring with his four-year-old son Archie. Jackson only finds time to paint during the brief lulls of fatherhood, sneaking away to his studio during Archie’s naps or when his wife wants some mother-son bonding time.

    Jackson has frequented The Quill since he arrived in Monterey. When The Quill asked to carry his artwork, Jackson was elated

    “Ever since Archie was a baby, we'd go in there and I'd pick out books for him, and we would get cards and presents for birthday parties,“ Jackson said. “It was really an honor to walk into the store and to see my cards up on the wall, because I've been a fan of The Quill even before my artwork was in there.”

    You can find four of Jackson’s tide pool designs on cards at The Quill. To see more of Jackson’s work, check out @beaujacksonart on Instagram.